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    Activewear #NSALE

    I just got my Anniversary Sale items in the mail, and was able to try them on. Some of the items I purchased are SOLD OUT, but I posted a few items that are still available in limited quantities. I’m obsessed with HIGH WAISTED Leggings! They are great to work out in, whether you’re running, practicing yoga, or lounging around the house. The high waist doesn’t dig into your sides causing a “muffin top”, and it flattens out any trouble areas. These leggings are high quality and you can get 3 pairs for the price of one Lululemon pair. (I love Lulu, but I like to switch things up sometimes)…

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    Restocked Anniversary Sale!

    A LOT of items from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale sold out before it was open to the public. I think a lot were even sold out by the time I was able to post the ones from my last blog post! The good news is, it looks like more items are in stock/re-stocked…here they are:

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    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale AKA #NSALE picks!

    The Anniversary Sale is Nordstrom’s BIGGEST sale of the year. It begins in July, and it features brand new Fall items that are specially discounted for a limited time. There is a pre-sale exclusive to Nordstrom Credit Card holders to get first pick.. Then it opens up to the public. (Right now its open to the public) After the sale, these items go back up to regular price! It’s a great way to stock up on next season. If you’re familiar with sales in department stores, you know that items don’t usually go on sale until they are out of seasons items. This is your once a year opportunity to…

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    Why I LOVE Amazon!

      If you know me, you know…how much I love AMAZON Prime!  It’s the best thing EVER! If you don’t have it, you NEED it! It will save you SO MUCH TIME and MONEY! Are you over driving to the store to get pens, hangers, and other miscellaneous things you always forget to grab when you’re there? Amazon is there for you! As long as you select an item with the “Prime” icon next to it, you should receive it within 2-3 days (no minimum order). I ordered $3 Sight Word Flash cards for my son and got them the very next day. (With FREE SHIPPING) It was so great when I…

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    About me:

    I’m Angela, and I am so excited to share “Mama Loves” blog with YOU! I can’t wait to share my favorite things with you, and hopefully help you fall in LOVE with them too! About me: I’m married and I have been blessed with two busy children: Ryder (5) & Holland (2). My life revolves this little family of mine. I grew up in Southern California, but I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho and Utah. I love to bake, find good deals, and travel anywhere that’s sunny and warm. (I would LOVE to live in Hawaii or New Zealand one day!) I can’t wait to share all the things…