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Easy Toddler Cinderella Costume

Now that Halloween has passed, we’re onto Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years! Isn’t it crazy that all of these holidays are crunched together in such a short timeframe? I feel like I can’t catch a breath before the next one comes. Anyone else feel that way?

My sister puts all her Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving. I used to think she was crazy… but now that I have kids and decorate my own home, I totally understand. It’s so much work to take up and down!

Since I’m not totally ready to accept that the next 3 holidays are upon us, I wanted to share the Halloween costume I put together last minute for my daughter. She’s a very opinionated, and super sassy Threenager, and she kept changing her mind on what she wanted to be. She said she wanted to be Spiderman, a crazy cat lady, a puppy, kitty cat, etc, etc. Long story short, I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into a costume she most likely wouldn’t wear.

I ended up ordering a little blue leotard on Amazon with a little skirt attached. She LOVES leotards, onesies, rompers, overalls, anything that is a “one-piece”. I figured, if she didn’t wear it on Halloween, she could at least wear it for her tumbling class. When it came, she was excited, and I told her she could wear it if she was Cinderella for Halloween  (crossing my fingers she would… since its a big leap from Spiderman).

My plan worked, and she was very excited to wear it. So I paired her Blue Leotard with sparkly clear “glass slipper” jellies ($4 at Walmart), one of my black chokers, and her hair in a little to knot. Super easy and Simple.

This leotard was SO inexpensive, and I wasn’t expecting much, but I am so surprised at what good quality it is for the price! I highly recommend it!

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