Get Thicker Stronger Nails!

I got these gummies a few months ago, but I was hesitant to try them because I thought they would taste “vitamin-y”, so they have just been sitting in my medicine cabinet. I usually have Gel nails, so I didn’t really want my nails to grow any faster. (Nails growing fast=more money + more time at the nail salon)

Recently, I decided to give my poor brittle nails a MUCH NEEDED break. It’s so hard to go without gel once you get them because your nails are in such poor condition when the gel comes off. Usually I give in and get the Gel put back on. This time was different. I decided once my gel was coming off, I would take these vitamins to see if my nails would become stronger.

I have only been taking these (actually super yummy) gummies consistently for a week, and my nails are significantly stronger. I can’t believe they actually work! My nails usually peel, bend easily, and are different lengths due to breakage when I don’t have gel on. I feel like when I wear polish now, they won’t chip as easily either since my nails are stronger. (A normal manicure will only last me a day before chipping…which is such a waste of time and money)

You can find them HERE 

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