Why I LOVE Amazon!


If you know me, you know…how much I love AMAZON Prime!  It’s the best thing EVER! If you don’t have it, you NEED it! It will save you SO MUCH TIME and MONEY!

Are you over driving to the store to get pens, hangers, and other miscellaneous things you always forget to grab when you’re there? Amazon is there for you! As long as you select an item with the “Prime” icon next to it, you should receive it within 2-3 days (no minimum order). I ordered $3 Sight Word Flash cards for my son and got them the very next day. (With FREE SHIPPING)

It was so great when I had my C-Section and couldn’t drive to go to the store, or when I was too tired to go because I was up all night feeding my baby. Now I use it just because its so convenient, and saves me TIME and MONEY!

If you already have Amazon Prime, if you download the “Prime NOW” app, you can get groceries delivered to your door within 2 hours (minimum order required) for FREE! It’s not available in all areas, but if it is, you NEED it!

Needless to say… I’m such a big Amazon Fan, I applied and was selected to become an Amazon Influencer! Now I have my own landing page where you can shop my latest finds! If you want to see my Amazon Favorites, make sure to “Follow” me on  HERE and check back often to see what I add to my lists!

Where is your favorite place to shop online? Let me know in the comments!

Try Amazon Prime FREE (for 30 days) here:

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